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The Healthiest Sleep Position

While most people don’t give a lot of thought to the position they sleep in, it actually can have a huge effect on how you feel. Wrinkles, neck and back pain, as well as stomach problems can all stem from how you sleep. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons for each position as well as one that you should avoid.

On Your Back

This is the best position for sleeping. It will prevent pain in your back and neck, decrease acid reflux, keep your breasts perky and keep wrinkles at bay. However, if you’re prone to snoring, you may find that you do that a lot in this position. You’ll keep your spine, neck, and head in a neutral position and gravity will work with your body to fight wrinkles. Get a puffy pillow that will support your head without propping it up.

Side Sleeping

The second position position is on your side. Pregnant women, people with neck and back pain, people who snore, and those who suffer from acid reflux should all sleep like this. Problems that stem from this position include sagging breasts and premature wrinkles. This position keeps your spine long and will cut snoring, but will encourage wrinkles due to your face being smashed into a pillow. If you sleep like this, get a thick pillow to make sure that your head stays in a line with your neck and spine. Pregnant women should sleep on the left side for blood flow.

Fetal Position

While this position will cut down on snoring and help pregnant women get some shut eye, it is hard on your back and neck, causes wrinkles, and will make your breasts sag. Sleeping like this makes it hard to breathe deeply. Try stretching out a little instead of sleeping tightly curled. Get a plump pillow to support your neck if you can’t sleep any other way.

Sleeping on the Stomach

Don’t sleep like this! Your spine will be out of line, making it hard to get up in the morning. Your body will put pressure on your muscles and joints, irritating nerves that cause pain and numbness. Your head should not be turned to one side all night and after a while you will feel the pain and discomfort. Snoring is not an issue in this position, however, which is a perk for stomach sleepers. Try a very thin pillow if you have to have one at all.

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